Hemorrhoids, more commonly known as piles, initiate as painless protruding veins. It then progresses into a painful ailment, often with blood coming out. When the doctor diagnoses a person with piles, they go miles to prevent it from worsening using home remedies, drugs, etc. When none of these thingsavoid hemorrhoid surgery with HemAway work, and hemorrhoids have worsened beyond control, the sufferers go for surgery thinking that’s their best resort. However, you can avoid hemorrhoid surgery with Life Changer Seat.

However, hemorrhoid surgery is not the best option. People going for that are in for worsening the ailment even if they get it surgically resected. This is because hemorrhoids are recurring. People may get it even after it has been surgically incised out once. Hence, surgery is not the ultimate treatment of piles. 

Recovery after surgery:

After surgery, one may feel pain for the first few days. A small amount of blood or yellow substance (most likely the pus) is also seen in fetal exavoid hemorrhoid surgery with HemAwaycretion. However, as the days pass by, the patient feels more comfortable as the pain starts to subside. The symptoms post-surgery lasts 1-2 weeks before vanishing.

Most people can resume daily life work and activities after 1-2 weeks, with the exception of any weight-lifting activities. Hemorrhoid surgery patients are strictly advised against any heavy load work or weight lifting. This is to avoid stress on their lower back which has already undergone surgery and may worsen the condition. Moreover, avoid straining during bowel movements as that also negatively impacts the condition.

Why should you avoid hemorrhoid surgery with Life Changer Seat?

Suppose you don’t avoid hemorrhoid surgery with Life Changer Seat. In that case, you will have to take several precautions to ensure that the ailment doesn’t recur and there are no post-surgical side effects.

First and foremost, the person must be extra careful of their daily activities and ensure that there is lesser weight-lifting or rich functionality involved. While you make take regular showers and baths, pat your anal area dry immediately.

Next up, you have to take extra care of your diet and medications. Strictly adhere to your doctor’s instructions about eating after surgery. Ensure to include high-fiber foods in your diet to avoid constipation and bowel straining. You may also take laxatives or stool softeners.

avoid hemorrhoid surgery with HemAway

People who don’t avoid hemorrhoid surgery with Life Changer Seat, also have to take extra precautions during defecation. This is because post-surgery, you have to sit in a warm water bath daily for 10-15 minutes every day to soothe the anal area. You also have to apply ice for 10 minutes, several times every day. While defecating, also ensure to support your feet with a step stool to ease the bowel movement.

While sleeping, you should try to lie down stomach-faced on the pillow to avoid hip swelling. Continuous doctor follow-up visits are also essential to ensure that you are healing.

However, all this goes in vain as surgery is not the ultimate option to treat hemorrhoids. This is why most doctors delay hemorrhoidal surgery till the condition worsens beyond control. However, you can prevent that, and avoid hemorrhoid surgery with Life Changer Seat.

How to avoid hemorrhoid surgery with Life Changer Seat?

avoid hemorrhoid surgery with HemAwayLife Changer Seat adapter has a larger support surface that relaxes the hemorrhoid veins and muscles, aiding in smoother bowel movement. This is because sitting on a regular toilet cup brings anguishing pain as your skin tightens and may lead to popping and cracking of veins, causing painful and comfortable bleeding ultimately.

Life Changer Seat adapter is also known as the anti-hemorrhoid saddle as it efficiently regulates bowel emptying without painful effects and prevents the ailment from worsening. You can truly avoid hemorrhoid surgery with Life Changer Seat adapter.