Are you a victim of hemorrhoids who is afraid of surgery? Do you find yourself searching for the best surgery alternative for piles? Read on to find out more about the cure of hemorrhoids other than surgery.


What are hemorrhoids:

Also known as piles, a hemorrhoid is usually a symptomless medical condition. People of ages 45-65 years usually experience this irrespective of gender.EPIDEMIOLOGY

Hemorrhoid presents as swollen veins in the lower part of the anus and rectum. Due to any reason, if the vessel wall stretches, they become irritated. However, continuous triggering factors such as constipation, pregnancy, sitting in a constant position for long hours, anal intercourse, or heavy lifting can worsen the hemorrhoids, making them painful. Apart from surgery, we are here to tell you the best surgery alternative of piles available in the market.



Hemorrhoid Management:

While there are several ways to cure hemorrhoids at home, they are very much preventable. Avoid hemorrhoids primarily via awareness and precaution. However, once established, they gradually worsen over time. Hence, doctors suggest prompt treatment as they appear and usually suggest surgery. best surgery alternative of piles

However, surgery is an invasive procedure that comes with its own set of complications at all costs. And most studies suggest that hemorrhoid is often not the ultimate cure as the ailment may recur. Therefore, your primary concern should be to search for some cure for hemorrhoids other than surgery. So we bring you the best surgery alternative of piles in the market.



Cure of hemorrhoids other than surgery:

Home remedies to manage hemorrhoids:

Start with taking warm baths, using a cold pack on the affected area, and using cotton wear. Practicing good bathroom habits such as limiting your sitting time on the toilet is of great help too. Bumping up the amount of fiber and fluids you consume in a day, and exercising regularly are some of some of your best treatment options for managing piles at home.

Check out our full blog on how to cure hemorrhoids at home to read about the remedies in detail.


Medicinal remedies to combat piles:

  • There are injection shots available that are often used to close off internal hemorrhoids. They create a scar and hurt only a little. However, the complete know-how of their efficacy is yet to be known.


  • For prolapsed hemorrhoids, doctors often use the rubber band ligation method. They put a tiny rubber band around hemorrhoid using a unique tool, which shuts off its blood supply. Within a week,best surgery alternative of piles the hemorrhoid dries up, shrinks, and falls off. However, hemorrhoids can recur.


  • Over-the-counter remedies containing the soothing witch hazel is a good cure for hemorrhoids other than surgery.



Surgical treatment of hemorrhoids:

When the traditional methods fail, doctoral methods intervene i.e., surgery. However, all surgeries come with some degree of complications, including bleeding, infection, anal strictures, urinary retention, fecal incontinence, etc.

hemorrhoidsIn only the most severe and worsened cases, doctors suggests excisional hemorrhoidectomy, which is the surgical removal of hemorrhoids. It is associated with severe postoperative pain, so it usually takes 2 to 4 weeks to recover.

For second or third-degree disease, separate hemorrhoidectomy is usually suggested. It is the procedure to remove a large portion of abnormally enlarged hemorrhoidal tissues, simultaneously returning the remaining hemorrhoidal tissue to its normal anatomical position.

While the latter is a less painful procedure, the chances of symptomatic hemorrhoids returning are higher than after a conventional hemorrhoidectomy. Therefore surgery is not the ultimate cure for hemorrhoids.

Let’s look at the best surgery alternative of piles and learn the cure of hemorrhoids other than surgery.


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