Due to the lack of knowledge or useful information, many people freak out when they find out they have hemorrhoids. Although piles can be painful and can cause a lot of discomfort, in most cases hemorrhoids are harmless and will go away on its own, eventually. So, the main question is – is treating hemorrhoids without a doctor possible and feasible? Can you treat hemorrhoids at home and “make them” go away for good?

The answer is – yes, piles are completely curable and they will typically go away without any medical treatment. So, no need to worry, people!

But, what are hemorrhoids actually? Piles or hemorrhoids are basically clusters of tissue that contain enlarged and irritated blood vessels. These clusters appear around the anus or in the lower part of the rectum. Therefore, hemorrhoids can be internal or external. Many factors can contribute to hemorrhoid development. Genetics, straining during defecation, obesity, pregnancy, chronic constipation or diarrhea, heavy lifting, sitting for long period of time… But, whatever the cause of hemorrhoids is, the good news is you don’t have to visit a doctor immediately.

Luckily, there are many natural and effective home remedies that will help you deal with hemorrhoids without stress, pain and difficulties. So, get ready for treating hemorrhoids without a doctor!

Treating Hemorrhoids Without A Doctor – How To Recognize Piles?

Although hemorrhoids are common problem nowadays, many people don’t even know they’re dealing with this issue. Hemorrhoids usually begin with some irritation or itching in the rectal area. And a lot of people get into a state of a panic once the see bloody stool. First of all, feel free to make your own physical exam. If you feel a small lump or bump around your rectum or anus, that’s the first noticeable sign of hemorrhoids. Depending on the type of hemorrhoids, symptoms will vary.

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This type of hemorrhoids usually don’t cause any pain. Also, you can’t see these hemorrhoids until they prolapse. They have a rubbery texture and are soft to touch. Symptoms of internal hemorrhoids include bright red blood in feces, itching sensation, feeling that you didn’t empty your bowels entirely, etc.


This type of hemorrhoids form under the anal skin and they’re visible outside of the anus. Itching sensation, lump around the anus, bloody stool, discomfort, problems with fully cleaning your anus after bowel movement.. These are all typical symptoms of external hemorrhoids.


It is a type of hemorrhoids that has a blood clot inside. Thrombosed hemorrhoids can be either internal or external. The symptoms include: constant pain and a sudden start of the pain. It’s a bulge in the rectal area that has purple or blue color. These hemorrhoids aren’t dangerous, although they sound like that.

Proven Home Remedies That Will Alleviate Symptoms Of Hemorrhoids

Treating hemorrhoids without a doctor is, generally, really easy, if you know what are you doing. Actually, with some home remedies and lifestyle changes, hemorrhoids can become your distant past.

First things first. Load up on fiber and change your diet. Plant-based food and nutrition is your friend and it can help you get a significant relief. Food rich in fiber will make your stool become softer and easier to pass. Even so, food rich in fiber can prevent piles in the first place! Let your plate for breakfast, lunch and diner be full of fresh fruit and vegetables! For instance, eat regularly apples, bananas, broccoli, celery, brown rice, whole grains, legumes, cucumber, nuts, raspberries… Avoid processed, refined, spicy and salty foods and dairy products, as well. Also, drink a lot of fresh water and natural juices on a daily basis.

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Avoid sitting for too long, because this can aggravate piles. Have warm baths with Epsom salt! As a result, it will help you soothe the irritation from hemorrhoids. You can also use a warm tea bag for external hemorrhoids. Ice it up an apply cold compresses if the hemorrhoids are enlarged. It will relieve the swelling. Once you finish emptying your bowels, keep your anus region clean. Don’t use regular toilet paper. Instead, you can use soothing wipes that have some anti-hemorrhoid components, because they will prevent further irritation.

Try to be more physically active and maintain healthy weight! Moderate training and exercising will make your digestive tract become more regular. Avoid heavy lifting, because it can put a lot of strain in your rectal area and cause existing hemorrhoids to become worse. Also, avoid wearing tight clothes. Loose clothing is your best choice and it will keep your anal area clean and dry.

You Can Treat Hemorrhoids While Being On Toilet Seat! 

As we can see, treating hemorrhoids without a doctor is totally achievable. However, there is one more home treatment for piles that will help you cure hemorrhoids painlessly.

A revolutionary and patented technology for treating hemorrhoid is here for you. Anti-hemorrhoid toilet seat adapter, Life Changer Seat, is one of the most effective healing devices when it comes to hemorrhoids. Life Changer Seat significantly reduces symptoms, eases the problems and completely eliminates and cures painful hemorrhoids! Actually, Life Changer Seat cures your hemorrhoids during the act of defecation. The Life Changer Seat toilet seat adapter works due to its innovative and universal design and shape. You can mount it on every single existing toilet seat easily. We specifically recommend a continuous use of Life Changer Seat, in order to prevent the reappearance of the hemorrhoids.


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The Life Changer Seat adapter is completely natural and doesn’t use any additional energy sources such as magnets or batteries. It is made out of medical plastic – a waterproof, non-toxic and hygienic material. Life Changer Seat adapter prevents veins from stretching during bowel movement. After just a short period of continuous use of Life Changer Seat, the hemorrhoids will completely disappear! Also, with the use of Life Changer Seat adapter, your diet doesn’t have to be that strict.

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