Believe it or not, many people around the world struggle with hemorrhoid issues. Almost three of four adults will suffer from hemorrhoids at some point in life. Although hemorrhoids usually don’t hurt, sometimes they can be extremely uncomfortable and painful. However, no need to worry anymore! There is a way to cure hemorrhoids painlessly and without medical treatment. Actually, there are many effective natural remedies for hemorrhoids that will significantly ease the problems with piles.

Hemorrhoids are nothing else than inflamed and swollen veins in the lower part of the anus and rectum. They can be external and internal. Piles have a tendency to get worse over time, if you don’t get treatment on time. But, you don’t need to go to doctor immediately when you find out you have hemorrhoids. Some of the symptoms of piles can be painless bleeding, itching sensation, irritation, soreness, leaking feces, discomfort, etc.

Yeah, piles are unpleasant in every single way, but you can easily treat and prevent them at home. In this article we’ll show you how to cure hemorrhoids painlessly, without any medical preparations or surgical treatment.

In Order To Cure Hemorrhoids Painlessly, You Need To Know The Cause Of It! 

Like everything else in life – treating “symptoms” is good, but treating the root of the problem is a way better solution! The exact same thing applies when it comes to piles. So, basically, when you what causes them, you can take some steps in order to cure hemorrhoids painlessly. Before we get to the causes of this common issue, you need to know some facts about hemorrhoids.

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  1. There is a strong possibility that women will get hemorrhoids during pregnancy.
  2. The chances of hemorrhoids to develop increases as the person ages.
  3. Hemorrhoids “strike” women and men equally, without discrimination.
  4. Symptoms and signs of hemorrhoids progress over time, but in most cases they are very treatable.
  5. You don’t need a prescription if you want to treat hemorrhoids.
  6. Hemorrhoids commonly develop after the age of 30.

When the walls of the veins inside of the lower part of the rectum get stretched, then the hemorrhoids develop. But, what causes the enlargement of these veins, besides mentioned genetic factors, aging and pregnancy? First of all, chronic diarrhea can be the cause of piles. Also, chronic constipation, which puts a lot of pressure to your anus, causes hemorrhoids. Obesity or poor diet contributes to hemorrhoid development as well. Sedentary way of life or sitting for the long period of time is known the be one of the main causes of piles. Going to the gym is great, but heavy lifting can lead to hemorrhoids. Finally, anal intercourse can cause new piles or aggravate the existing ones.

You Won’t Make A Mistake – Proven Home Remedies For Hemorrhoids

Now when we know what usually causes piles, we get to the second main question – how to cure hemorrhoids painlessly? Or – what is good for treating hemorrhoids without pain at home? Fortunately, there are so many home-effective treatments you should definitely try.

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“You are what you eat”, you know how they say. This saying sounds cliche, but it is true. In other words, if you want to cure hemorrhoids painlessly, then change your diet! Eat food rich in fiber and always stay hydrated! Let your plate be full of fresh fruits and vegetables and make sure to drink a lot of fresh water and home-made juices. Besides changing your diet plan, change your lifestyle, as well! Try to be more physically active, which will make your digestive tract more regular. Don’t sit for too long and include some light workouts in your daily routine.

When you have to go to the bathroom – go to the bathroom, don’t keep it in! After emptying your bowels, keep your anal area dry and clean. Use a simple toilet paper or soothing wipes. Tight clothes are out of the question. Instead, try to wear loose, cotton clothing. Also, take a warm baths with Epsom salt in order to reduce the signs and symptoms of piles. If you have a large swelling, then apply ice packs or cold compresses. You can also use some natural creams and gels such as witch hazel, aloe vera or tea tree oil.

The most important of all – relax and lie down with your legs up, for about 30 minutes a day. This will improve the circulation in the anal region.

The Best Natural And Painless Treatment For Piles – Life Changer Seat! 

The remedies mentioned above are definitely a good solution. However, if you want to cure hemorrhoids painlessly and permanently, then Life Changer Seat is the answer you were looking for. It is a natural cure for hemorrhoids that doesn’t have an alternative. Life Changer Seat is an anti-hemorrhoid toilet seat adapter and effective healing device that significantly reduces symptoms and completely cures painful hemorrhoids. You will feel the first positive effects after just 1-3 uses!


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Due to its universal dimensions, you can adapt and mount the Life Changer Seat on every single existing toilet seat. It is used during the emptying of the bowels. The key of success of Life Changer Seat adapter is in its innovative shape and design. Life Changer Seat adapter doesn’t use any additional energy sources such as magnets or batteries. It is completely made out of medical plastic – non toxic and hygienic material. With the use of the Life Changer Seat toilet seat adapter, which effectively prevents veins from stretching during a bowel movement, the hemorrhoids will disappear after a short period of time. Also, with the use of Life Changer Seat adapter, your diet can be normal and moderate (not as strict). There are no contraindications or side-effects of Life Changer Seat use.

So, forget about using medical creams and gels or unpleasant lubrication treatments. Life Changer Seat adapter, as a proven healing device, eliminates your hemorrhoid problems once and for all! Buy your Life Changer Seat toilet seat adapter now and get ready to live life to the fullest!