Hemorrhoids happen to be one of the most common ailments of people above the age of 50 globally, irrespective of gender. Hence, many people look-up for how to cure hemorrhoids at home and solutions for “hemorrhoids not going away.” 

Let’s take a look at what are hemorrhoidshemorrhoid symptoms, and how to cure hemorrhoids at home.




Hemorrhoids look like bulging blood vessels in the lower rectum or around the anal area. This happens when vessels around the site expand and become irritated because of the surrounding supportive tissues’ stretch.


Causes of hemorrhoids:

Hemorrhoid causes can be straining during bowel movements, sitting for long periods of time on the toilet, having chronic diarrhea or constipation, having a sedentary lifestyle, being obese, being pregnant, eating a low-fiber diet, and regular heavy lifting, etc.



Hemorrhoid symptoms include hemorrhoid itching, pain, rectal bleeding, hemorrhoid nausea, and mild to severe discomfort. While most people experience hemorrhoids not painful, what makes them miserable is that they bleed painlessly and that hemorrhoids keep popping out.

The primary way to cure hemorrhoids at home step is to seek the doctor’s advice for a dire diagnosis before trying a home regime for hemorrhoids management.

Hemorrhoids types can be several, for example, hemorrhoids internal, hemorrhoids external, hemorrhoids pregnancy, hemorrhoids post-birth, etc.

How to cure hemorrhoids at home



Is surgery the ultimate solution?

To treat hemorrhoids, you need to adapt to a specific hemorrhoids lifestyle that requires you to quit any activities that strain you or maybe a triggering factor for the disorder. Commonly, doctors suggest that surgery is the ultimate solution to treat hemorrhoids, but “is surgery the only solution for hemorrhoids?”

The answer is a big no as hemorrhoids tend to recur even after surgery and would only be more painful resultantly. Instead, for hemorrhoids management, opt for non-medicinal treatment since it balances the body and helps recover homeostasis.

Non-medicinal route:

Non-medicinal hemorrhoids management is a regime of natural home remedies that are easy and simple to do. So if you ever find yourself searching “how to cure hemorrhoids at home fast and quick,” here are a few ways to help out quick.
cure hemorrhoids at home



– Use of Witch Hazel to cure hemorrhoids at home:

Witch hazel is one of the natural cure for hemorrhoids. It is a natural anti-inflammatory and skin-soothing substance. It can be topically applied to the hemorrhoids for lessening the agony and tingling until hemorrhoids grow dim. witch hazel to cure hemorrhoids at home

Witch hazel contains tannins and oils that may help cut down aggravation hence ideal for home hemorrhoid treatment. Researchers also comment that witch hazel characteristically fixes skin, ideal for restoring hemorrhoids effortlessly.

– Warm Water Bath for hemorrhoids management at home:

Sitting in a warm water bath soaking the buttocks and hips for 15 minutes, several times a day, especially after bowel movements, is advised to relieve itching and irritation hence ideal for home hemorrhoid treatment.

– Aloe Vera gel for Hemorrhoids:

Like witch hazel, pure Aloe Vera gel is a strong anti-inflammatory substance excellent for soothing and alleviating the inflammation and irritation caused by hemorrhoids, hence a perfect option for home hemorrhoids treatment.

– Hemorrhoids ointment for hemorrhoids home management:

Hemorrhoids ointments are available as over-the-counter ointments, and creams such as Preparation H, readily available at all pharmacies. They are very effective and can be used for immediate relief and reduce swelling, contributing a lot to home hemorrhoid treatment faster and quicker.

– Ultimate way to cure hemorrhoids at home: Life Changer Seat toilet seat adapter:

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Benefits of Life Changer Seat:

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HemAway Adapter to cure hemorrhoids at home

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