Many people wonder – is hemorrhoid removal at home possible and achievable? What are the best home remedies for hemorrhoids that actually work? The good news is – you really can cure hemorrhoids at home without any medical procedure! Assuming that you know what are you doing.

As you already know, hemorrhoids or piles are swollen (irritated) veins that appear in your anus and in the lower rectum. If they develop inside the rectum, then they are called internal hemorrhoids. But, if they develop just under your skin around your anus, then we’re talking about external hemorrhoids. Many things can, eventually, lead to hemorrhoids. Straining during bowel movements, poor diet, sitting for a long period of time, genetics, being obese, having a chronic diarrhea or constipation… All these things can cause piles.

But, not to worry. There is a natural cure for hemorrhoids which will help you reduce their signs and symptoms and make them tolerable. So, if you want a hemorrhoid removal at home to be effective, follow the next steps.

Hemorrhoid Removal At Home – Remedies You Can Try At Your Own “Four Walls”

If you find out that you have hemorrhoids or they develop again (reappear), don’t get anxious or nervous. Simple home remedies will provide you a quick relief from the pain, irritation and discomfort.

First of all, if you have the urge to empty your bowels, don’t push it or strain it, because it can aggravate existing hemorrhoids. Not just that, straining during bowel movements can cause forming new piles. However, when you finish emptying your bowels, make sure to wipe your anus gently with moistened pads. After defecation, it is mandatory to clean and wash your anus with warm water. Then, dry the area, as well. A hair dryer can be helpful in these situations.

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Try to have warm, sitz bath couple times a day for about 20-25 minutes. Fill in your bathtub with just a few inches of warm water that is enough to cover your hips and buttocks, and sit in it. Just lift up your knees and keep them bent. This activity will definitely help you with hemorrhoid problems.

Ice packs or cold compresses are a good solution for relieving the swelling of hemorrhoids, especially for large and painful piles. Apply ice packs on hemorrhoids few times a day for about 15 minutes at a time.

Avoid sitting on hard surfaces! Put on a soft cushion between before you sit. This will help you lessen the swelling of hemorrhoids, encouraging the fast hemorrhoid removal at home.

Load Up On Fiber And Stay Hydrated! 

The best thing you can do, when it comes to your overall health, is to take care about what you eat and drink.

Proper nutrition and diet is key to have a healthy life, both physically and mentally! In other words, the suitable and adequate nutrition will have so much beneficial effects on your piles. Vice versa, if you eat processed, refined food with additives, or you consume dairy products much more than you need it, it can “fire back” with hemorrhoid development. This also applies when eating too much meat, sugary food or drinking caffeinated beverages. When you suffer from hemorrhoids, avoid these foods and drinks in a wide arc.

So, the basic thing you should do, in order to treat hemorrhoids at home, is to eat more plant-based food with fibers! Food rich in fibers will make your stool softer and really easier to pass while defecating. Feel free to eat on daily basis raspberries, apples, bananas, whole grains, broccoli, celery, bell peppers, spinach, cucumber, artichokes, sweet potatoes, carrots… Human being consists of 65-70 percent of water. Therefore, hemorrhoid removal at home includes drinking a lot of fresh water or natural fruit juices and liquids. It is safer to make these fruit juices at home, when you know what you’re putting in them, rather than buying them at the local store.

Healthy life equals fast and painless hemorrhoid removal at home!

Natural Topical Creams You Can Apply At Home 

Hemorrhoids are extremely common problem nowadays. Almost 75 percent of people by the age of 50 will experience piles at some point in life. But, besides food that you eat and lifestyle change, there are some natural topical creams and gels you can apply on the hemorrhoids.

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Witch hazel has a reputation of a remedy that is able to reduce inflammation, pain and itching that hemorrhoids cause. One thing is for sure. Witch hazel contains tannins – well known antioxidants that will help you bring the redness and swelling down. Also, aloe vera has an anti-inflammatory properties and people very often use it to treat hemorrhoids at home. However, if you are allergic to garlic or onions (very rare), do not apply aloe vera.

Hemorrhoid removal at home is feasible if you apply some tea tree oil on the piles. It is a well known fact that tea tree oil has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, which will help the swelling and itching to decrease. Apple cider vinegar is a popular home remedy for just about anything. Therefore, there are some testimonials that apple cider vinegar reduces swelling and pain that go along with hemorrhoids. But, always stay cautious and our recommendation is to talk to your doctor before applying this remedy.

Hemorrhoid Removal At Home – Life Changer Seat Is The Right Way! 

If you want to cure hemorrhoids forever, then the best hemorrhoid home treatment is to use HemAaway. It is an anti-hemorrhoid toilet seat adapter or an effective healing device that significantly reduces signs and symptoms of hemorrhoids. Life Changer Seat will, undoubtedly, ease your problems with hemorrhoids and completely cure them! It is 100 percent international patented technology!

  • Experience first positive effects after just 1-3 uses;
  • Significant and immediate relief while emptying bowels;
  • No unpleasant lubrication treatment;
  • No side-effects and no contraindications;
  • Cost-effective solution – saves money on medical treatment or surgery;
  • Simple and easy maintenance;
  • Completely natural – non toxic and hygienic material;
  • Anyone can use it – from children to elderly people.


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The Life Changer Seat toilet seat adapter is practical and effective due to its innovative and revolutionary shape and design, without using any additional energy sources such as magnets or batteries. With every further use of Life Changer Seat, you will see that hemorrhoids will gradually disappear. Your diet does not have to be as strict, when you use Life Changer Seat toilet seat adapter. Life Changer Seat has universal dimensions, which means it can be placed on every single toilet seat.

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